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PEZ Community Guidelines

PEZ Community Guidelines - IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ! Typically, guests cannot view posts on this forum. Viewing posts is open ONLY to members. Even if you don't wish to post or be part of lively group of collectors, you are welcome to join just to read and lurk. Many people do this. If you wish to participate, hold your nose and jump into the pool. You will find everyone here quite nice to new members. We want everyone to have a good time here. We started this forum with no rules and as it has grown rules became necessary to prevent PEZ Community from turning into a version of trashy daytime television. The rules are very simple: 1. Be kind and respectful of other members. No flame wars! Those who persist at flaming will be suspended or permanently banned. This includes general rudeness and nastiness toward others. It is unacceptable behavior. 2. NO PROFANITY...remember this forum is for collectors of all ages. Profanity filters are in place but please be mindful of others. Take sexual innuendo and suggestive comments elsewhere. It isn't necessary or welcome here. Remember…this is a PEZ forum! Those who persist in violating this simple request will be suspended or permanently banned. 3. CARDINAL RULE: All deals must be honored! Failure to do so will result being permanently banned. We only want members here who have integrity when dealing with others. The rest can do their thing elsewhere. 4. Access to "Let's Make A Deal" is granted after three months of membership AND 100 posts. Posts by new members in other forums soliciting buy/sell/trade items will be deleted without notice. Those who persist will be suspended or banned. "Let's Make a Deal" is for trusted members to buy, sell and trade PEZ. 5. No spamming the forum, excessive posts to change membership status will result in being suspended or banned. 6. This community is about the PEZ collecting hobby. Social, political or religious topics will be deleted without warning. Kindly take these topics to other online forums. 7. PEZ Community it a privately owned forum. This means you are the guest of the owner and can be asked to leave at any time. This includes a one-way ticket to banned camp. 8. PEZ Community is not the place for personal soap operas or drama. Drama kings and queens are simply not welcome here. This forum is about PEZ and not personal drama. 9. This forum has been in existence since June 2001 because simple rules of etiquette have been followed by its members who happen to be some of the finest people you will encounter. Those who find this difficult have been packed up and sent to banned camp. If you have questions or concerns, please send me a PM (members only) or email me at diva@pezcommunity.com. updated 04/12/2007